The BIG House!

After our excellent day in Detroit, we headed out to Ann Arbor to visit The BIG House–for those who don’t know–University of Michigan football stadium.  We started the day at Hannah and John’s with breakfast and lounging.  Then piled in the car for our trip.  First stop at the University of Michigan Medical Center to walk the halls where Hannah works.  What an impressive and huge facility.  Next a bit of a walking tour around the University looking at some of the old buildings, and of course, pictures in front of the stadium.  Finally we saw a bit of the downtown and enjoyed a wonderful dinner in Ann Arbor.  Another day in the books–tomorrow is a laundry and grocery shopping day.  Stay tuned for Chicago on Tuesday and Wednesday.DSC_5212WebLG


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  1. Mike and Chris
    I went to the Michigan /Washington game in the big house. Pretty amazing we lost but it was a great game. Their fans treated us well it was the Labor Day a year after 9/11 so security was rediculous
    Safe travels. Don


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