Curtner Bald Eagles

So I was reading the paper yesterday and saw an article about bald eagles.  In late January a pair of bald eagles set up a nest in a redwood tree in front of Curtner Elementary School in Milpitas.  Early in April, an eaglet hatched in this nest.  Generally speaking bald eagles don’t like to have their nests around people or noise but these don’t seem to mind.   There are only 19 reported nests in the eight Bay Area counties so having this one so close is pretty exciting.    So I grabbed my camera and headed over to check it out. DSC_6162.CurtnerEagle3WebLGDSC_6179.CurtnerEagle4WebLG What I found was a group of about 20 photographers and birdwatchers each looking through their lens to try and get a shot of the majestic birds.  ( I have to say that after being around this group I got a case of lens envy.  These people had big lenses).  I got there about 9:30am and the people I talked to had been there for two hours and not a feather had been sighted.  But after about 25 minutes, out flew the mother eagle and she hung out in the big redwood for almost an hour before she flew off.  She even made a couple of low passes over the school.  I got a few good shots.



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