It’s Hot Out Here!

We left the beautiful coast with a perfect 70 degree temperature, to head East right smack into a heat wave.  Our original goal for our first night was going to be Needles but it clocked in at 121 degrees so we kept driving and made it all the way to Williams, AZ which is close to Flagstaff.  Here the temperature was 85!  Much better.  There looked to be some interesting sites here in Williams (Gateway to the Grand Canyon) but we didn’t have time to spare, so the next morning at 7:00 AM we were on our way to Moab, Utah.  This leg of the journey was through amazing countryside including the Monument Valley area and Mike took some great shots.  We, however, were on a mission to get to Denver, Colorado, so the scenery just whetted our appetite for a future trip to the Southwest.  Next time we plan spend about a month just going from one National Park to another in this area because there is so much to see.Monument Rocks1Monument ValleyMonument Rocks3Monument Rocks2

Next stop Denver…we arrived yesterday and are staying in a park that is just a few miles from Downtown.  It is a beautiful city.  First up on the agenda was a baseball game.  We already had our tickets bought and we quickly unpacked and settled in so we could head downtown for a Rockies/Diamondback game at Coors field.  We loved the stadium for a lot of little reasons:  they let people in ahead of their policy, there was plenty of room in the seats, we were about 15 rows up directly behind home plate, and they had a great bbq restaurant with air-conditioned seating.  Another MLB stadium off our list!DSC_6345WebLG

Rockies 2017
Arizona Diamondbacks 2017
Kris at the game early
Nolan Arenado
Our seats were really nice!

Today we had a tour of the state capital building and they even let us go up into the dome  with some amazing views of the Rocky Mountains.  It’s so ornate with red onyx, Colorado marble and brass everywhere.  We even stood on the step that is measured to be exactly one mile above sea level.  We ended our day with a trip to Buffalo Bill Cody’s grave at the top of Lookout Mountain.  There was a threatening thunderstorm and some rain but otherwise another good day.

Colorado Capitol
Colorado State Capitol

View From Dome2

View From Dome
View from Capitol Dome
Mike & Kris 1 Mile High
Mike & Kris 1 Mile High
Presidents Portraits
Colorado Capitol Tour
Capitol Tour
George Washington
George Washington
Colorado Assambly Chamber
Assembly Chamber

Colorado Senate Chamber

Buffalo Bill Cody Grave
Buffalo Bills Grave
Confluence Park Denver
Confluence Park
Coors Brewery
Coors Brewery

Tomorrow we will be at Red Rock amphitheater and we can’t wait…stay tuned.



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  1. Love the photos!! Sounds like you’re off to a good start!! Fun times ahead!

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