America the Beautiful…

We’ve been in Wyoming for the past seven days and, as the pictures show, we are enthralled by it.  Right now we are sitting in the Jackson Lodge to access the internet, trying to catch up on the last week.  We started in Greybull, Wyoming and had a couple days in this area.  We did a five hour scenic drive that included Devil’s Canyon and stunning views of the Big Horn Basin.

Devil’s Canyon in the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation area.

We also spent a day traveling to Cody to see the sights.  The Buffalo Bill Center of the West is a sight to see for sure.  Five different museums all under one roof.  They also had a Superhero raptor demonstration which was interesting and educational!  Always fun for us.

Smith & Wesson handgun display at Buffalo Bill Center of the West (gun museum).
Life Bald Eagle at Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

Next we moved our traveling home to Dubois, Wyoming and parked along the Wind River.  From here we were close enough to drive to Grand Teton’s National Park and we have been spending the last five days trying to take in all of the beauty and wildlife.  We knew it was going to be a great week when we saw our first moose right off of the highway while we were pulling the trailer.

A moose in a pond along the highway on our way to Grand Tetons National Park.

We have moved our trailer to the park campground which has full hookups and a lot of trees.  It is great to be so close to all of these sites.  Our typical day involves getting up at 4:45 and out the door by 5:15 to get a first spot at the photo “site of the day”.

Snake River Overlook at dawn

The weather keeps us on pins and needles as it can change four or five times just during the drive.  Yesterday we left with rain clouds in the sky and then blue sky.  Shortly after this we had fog and then finally, blue sky with a bit of wispy fog for the perfect barn shot.  It is kind of exciting to finally get the shot that Mike is after.

The most photographed barn in the world. Moulton Barn on Mormon Row in Grand Tetons National Park

After the sun is up we go on a search for wildlife since it is still early and not too many people out and about.  Yesterday we were rewarded with an up close encounter with a moose.

Moose at Schwarbers Landing

The moose was munching away in the river and then decided to head into the trees.  Mike and I decided to go up the path and see if he would come out at the other end.  After a while we gave up and started back.  At this moment the moose came out of the trees right in front of us and walked into the water.  He kept walking and came out on our side!!  Mike was clicking away, the moose heard the noise, looked at Mike and headed for the opposite trees.  We were thrilled.

Moose at Schwarbers Landing crossing the river.
Moose at Schwarbers Landing.
The moose looking at me. ( I’m wondering if I should go the other way) Schwarbers Landing

Later that night we spotted a bear up on a hill, but he was too far away to satisfy us.  So this morning we followed the advice of another traveler and headed up a twisty, narrow road in another search.  We stopped when we saw a wildlife tour van stopped and were rewarded with a big, black bear coming out of the trees and crossing the road right behind us.  We stayed and watched him for over 30 minutes and I don’t think he ever stopped eating.

Black Bear on Signal Mountain road.
Black Bear on Signal Mountain road.
Black bear on the Signal Mountain road.

Another great day.  Enjoy the pictures, it is beautiful here.

Beaver Lodge at Schwarbers Landing
The Grand Tetons
Buffalo on the plain. Grand Teton National Park.
Oxbow Bend at Midday. Grand Tetons National Park


Barn on Mormons Row

Tomorrow we are off to Yellowstone for six more days…



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  1. You guys are lucky to be in one of the most beautiful places in the country! Hope Yellowstone treats you guys as well as Wyoming! See you soon! Steve

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  2. Awesome pictures!! We’ve been to some of those places too! But your photos are soo much better!! Wyoming has lots of beautiful sights!!

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  3. I’d rather encounter a moose than a bear 😉

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  4. I get excited seeing all the photos. The bear, the moose, the rivers, the beautiful teatons, etc. Can hardly wait to see photos and hear about Yellowstone . See you soon,


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