The Maine Coast: Lighthouses, Lobsters, and Landscapes

You have to love it when your expectations of a place are not just met but blown away in the awesomeness of it all.  We just spent eight days in Maine enjoying all it has to offer.  The first few days we explored Portland.  A historic seaport and fishing haven filled with lobster shacks, lighthouses, and so much more.  Not only is this area historic, it is also quite picturesque.

Portland Beach1
Portland Maine

Unlike New York or Washington DC, Maine is best explored in a vehicle.  We spent hours driving the jagged coastline around Portland discovering every nook and cranny village we could find.

Fishing shack1
Mackerel Cove, Maine
Fishing shack2
Fishing shack at Mackerel Cove, Maine

We headed north and discovered Bailey Island and nearby South Freeport, Maine.

glenns lobsters
Mackerel Cove, Maine

They have the coolest t-shirt design:  So  Free  Me–I loved it.  Mike took some amazing pictures that capture our feelings of this place.  We also discovered some terrific seafood.  We had lunch at Harraseeket Lunch and Lobster.Harraseeket

Harraseket inside
Harraseeket Lunch and Lobster

We ate so much we didn’t even need dinner.

Boat Loading
Loading lobster traps at South Freeport, Maine
Baiting Traps
Placing bait in lobster traps

The next day we headed south and explored the Cape Elizabeth area.  The picture at the top of this blog is from Fort Williams Park in this area.  This is the Portland Head Lighthouse.  But again, everywhere you turn is another opportunity for beautiful landscape and a lobster shack or too!

Two Lights Lobster Shack
The Lobster Shack at Two Lights
1 1/2 pound lobster

The shacks are everywhere and they have successfully created a “fishing boat to table” experience that never gets old.  The huge lobster pots are outside (usually in front) with sea water boiling away.

Boiling Lobster
Lobsters cooking at Thurston’s Lobster Pound

You tell them what or which one you want and into the pot it goes.

4 pounder
a 4 pounder

Of course our quest for the best lobster roll continued and this time I included a couple if pictures (for you Bridget!)

Lobster Roll2
Lobster Roll

Lobster Roll1 Although we couldn’t pick one favorite, we decided that Maine wins for not just the lobster rolls but for the whole lobster experience.

Crib Bridge
Bailey Island Cribstone Bridge
Cape ellizabeth lighthouse
Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse

After our short stay in Portland, we headed a bit further north to Mount Desert Island.

Maine coast
Acadia National Park coastline

This is the location of Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor Village, and many other small fishing villages.  Although the national park takes up the majority of the island, there are many small fishing villages out on the edges.  It makes for a beautiful national park experience with quaint villages to stop along the way.  And to see all of this undisturbed coastline was a sight to see, there is water everywhere!

Bass Harbor Lighthouse
Bass Harbor Lighthouse, Acadia National Park
Acadia Coast
Acadia Coast

We hiked with a ranger which was informative and fun, we drove to the top of the highest peak in New England-Cadillac Mountain (only 1500 feet above sea level but the views were amazing), and we trekked out to Bass Harbor Lighthouse.  It is a stunningly beautiful national park.

We continued our seafood only dining by checking out every stand we had heard or read about.

Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound
Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound

We made it to Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound (close to our RV), Union River Lobster Pot (in nearby Ellsworth), Thurston’s Lobster Pound (Bernard Village),

Bass Harbor Lobster Pound
Thurston’s Lobster Pound in Bernard, Maine

and Beal’s Lobster Pier (in Southwest Harbor Village).  I wanted to make sure and list them here so we will know where to go when we make it back here.  And make it back here we will!


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  1. love the posts when are you coming back?

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  2. enjoy and have some more fun!

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  3. Kris and Mike, you are on the classic All American road trip. I look forward to each blog; the narrative and photos are excellent.

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  4. Another amazing adventure!!! I too look forward to your blogs!!

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  5. Hi ya! I really enjoyed Maine! I have a lighthouse post as well! You might like it. I love you photobof the shack with the red details!


  6. I might’ve fractured my wrist… Also, you guys had a lot of seafood


  7. wow mrs. imhof! i love da pic of acadia national park coastline!!!! and yr making me hungry for seafood….

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