The Last Stop

We left Vancouver, Canada eager to get on our way to our last stop, Enumclaw, Washington.  Time for some needed time with family and friends.  Unfortunately the border crossing did not agree with our plan.  We left at 7:45 AM and reached the border traffic at 8:15.  We waited in line for 4 1/2 hours!!  Talk about a long wait…Oh well we eventually arrived at Jill and Steve’s Sunday evening and the relaxing could begin.

Jill being Jill
Jill Steve
Jill and Steve

We stayed an entire week at the Iacopi Resort (it really is an amazing place) and got to spend some quality time with all.  Daniela and her horse, Sugar, had a small barrel racing event which was fun. Pictured above! And Hannah, John, Matthew, and Tess joined us from Michigan, Nevada, and California so the gang was all in attendance.

Kris and Kids
Tess, Kris, Hannah, John and Matthew

We had a cousin’s party on Friday night with over 40+ in attendance.  The family keeps getting bigger and bigger.  The horses were a big hit with all the city folks so everyone had to ride.

Hannah Sierra
Hannah and Sierra
John Sierra
John and Sierra

We had some great karaoke  entertainment as well from some of our more talented relatives!!  And of course, just the visiting and catching up with everyone’s lives was the main event.

The weekend involved more family and with the trailer up at the Swiss Park, there was never a dull moment.

Kris n Cousins
Kris with cousins Rose, Kathy and Trudy
Dee Dee Louie Phyllis
Dee Dee, Louie and Phyllis and family
IMG_1450 3
Barb and Greg – love the Swiss attire!
Uncle Mike Dinnis (1 of 1)
Uncle Mike and Dennis

Some of the excitement of the weekend included off and on rain (sometimes quite a lot) which made our camp very wet.  But we all survived and enjoyed the events celebrating the Tacoma Swiss Sportsman’s Club 90th Anniversary.

Gramma Matt Hannah
Hannah and Matthew with Grandma

Such a great end to our 4 1/2 month trip around the United States.  We wouldn’t miss our Washington stop for anything.

Mt. Ranieer
Mt. Rainier

I think I’ll end this final post (until we hit the road again) with a few FAQs!

Would we do it again?  Absolutely!  It was the trip of a lifetime.

What was our favorite stop?  We both agreed that our 10 days in Maine was the best.  The phenomenal scenery, the jagged coastline, the lobster, and the summer weather just could not be beat.

What was our favorite stretch?  The 2 months we spent on the East Coast.  So much history and so much to see–never a dull moment.

Signing off for now-back into the classroom this week.  Watch for our next trip-all summer in Washington State!


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  1. I loved traveling with the Imhofs! Thank you for such an interesting and totally entertaining 4.5 month journey!!

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  2. Thanks for taking all of us along. Great narrative and photos.

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  3. Loved your travel journal! We too enjoyed touring the states with you! Thank you for the outstanding photos & entertaining journalism!!

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  4. Thanks for letting me follow your journey. It was all so well written and wonderful pictures. Kathy Omlin

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  5. What a wonderful journey you took us all on to enjoy! So glad you made your final stop in Washington! It wouldn’t be Schwingfest without the Imhof’s🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭❤️❤️❤️

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  6. What a wonderful journal! The writing is interesting and well written, and the pictures are beautiful. I’ve enjoyed going along for the ride 😍

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