Custer State Park-Where the Buffalo Roam

We are parking for three days here to see all the area has to offer.  After hearing the song, “Home on the Range” in my head for hundreds of miles, we were finally close enough to get that song out of my head.  The first afternoon we drove the Needles Highway, a winding, twisting road with tiny tunnels cut through the granite, to the top.  Here we were rewarded with the “eye of the needle” granite peak, a beautiful lake, and spectacular views.  Alas, no buffalo yet…Needles Highway 4WebLGNeedles Highway 2WebLGNeedles Highway-Needles EyeWebLGNeedles Highway 3WebLG

Later in the evening we drove the Wildlife Loop Road to, you know, see wildlife.  We were rewarded with Pronghorns (think fast antelope type), deer, elk, buffalo! We stayed out a bit late and ran into a thunder and lightning storm with a lot of rain.  There must have been 5-10 lightening strikes per second.  Not something us Californians get to see every day.Custer State Park BuffaloWebLGBighorn SheepWebLGProngHorn AntelopeWebLGPronghorn 3WebLG

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