Everyone Should Go To This Place!

This place was amazing.  Basically, this cave is 200 feet underground, it contains 95% of all the box work structure in the world, it is 147 miles of network (they think this may be only 10% of its actual size), and it has only one known entrance. This is one case where the pictures do not do it justice.  Well worth the cost of admission and it even took us down on an elevator.Wind Cave 5WebLGWind Cave 4WebLGWind Cave 3WebLGWind Cave 2WebLGWind Cave 1WebLGWind Cave 6WebLG

After this, we continued through the park and were able to get up close and personal with another buffalo herd and the famous praire dogs from Lewis and Clark’s first adventure west.  Everything so far has met our expectations, even our campsite with tons of room and wide open spaces.  Next stop…Mt. Rushmore and Deadwood.Wind Cave BuffaloWebLGWind Cave Buffalo 4WebLG

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