We Made It…Glacier National Park!

Wow, we are at a loss for words.  What an unbelievably beautiful place.  We arrived Wednesday afternoon after a harrowing trip up a very narrow, very curvy road.  Mike was worried if we were on the right road and if there would be diesel at the top.  We made it and were rewarded with a great campsite amidst the trees and brush.  And yes, there was diesel too.  There was no electricity or water in the campground, but we knew this coming in and had our batteries charged and water tank full.  DSC_5640WebLGDSC_5639WebLG

First stop was the visitor center where we discovered that we had no cell service and internet was only available at the center until 10:00 PM.  So we would be spending the next few days unplugged–no regrets since it is not needed with everything there was to see.  We made a plan:  first, spend a day on the “Going-to-the-Sun” road which is only 50 miles but cuts across the entire park and has over 20 points of interest and short hikes along the way.  It is an engineering marvel that crosses the Continental Divide at 6,646 feet.  This road was started in 1921 and completed in 1932 and it gets up to 80 feet of snow at the top in the winter.  Happy to report that we started at 9:30 and did not return home until 5:30.  What a ride!   Mike took some amazing pictures of an amazing place.DSC_5555WebLGDSC_5543WebLGDSC_5547WebLGDSC_5549WebLGDSC_5559WebLGDSC_5563WebLGDSC_5565WebLGDSC_5568WebLGDSC_5570WebLGDSC_5578WebLGDSC_5580WebLGDSC_5600WebLGDSC_5602WebLGDSC_5612WebLGDSC_5613WebLGDSC_5624WebLG

Everything was clicking along until Thursday night when we discovered our generator wasn’t working and we would not be able to recharge our batteries.  We were bummed and wouldn’t be able to stay since we had no backup way to charge the batteries which were  keeping our refrigerator going.  The other hikes and sites we had planned will have to wait since we can’t stay all four days.  As you can imagine, Glacier is still on our list for another trip.  Enjoy its spectacular beauty in these pictures.


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  1. Wow! Love all the photos
    Looking forward to seeing you guys at Schwingfest 🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭


  2. Great photo Shoot! What type of lens are you using?


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