Another Day, Another Area of Yellowstone to Explore

For the last few days in Yellowstone, we decided to explore the Northern area of the park.  We spent a day in Mammoth Hot Springs area exploring the travertine terraces and various hot springs.

Geyser Terraces at Mammoth Hot Springs area
Travertine Terraces at Mammoth Hot Springs

We loved the huge arch at the entrance to the park,DSC_8442WebLG but our favorite moment was spotting the Big Horn Sheep watching us from above.

Big Horn Sheep
Two Big Horn Sheep at Yellowstone National Park

We keep talking about how big Yellowstone is it is true.  From our camping spot it was over 100 miles just to get to this entrance.  As long as you are willing to drive, there is never a boring day in Yellowstone.

Next, we went to the Northeast entrance to the park (another 100 mile drive) and drove out of the park on the Beartooth Highway.DSC_8600WebLGDSC_8622WebLGDSC_8606WebLG  What a beautiful drive!  DSC_8596WebLGDSC_8593WebLGThis was the first time on our trip that we ran into smoke.  There were a few fires in the area and the smoke covered the upper elevation mountains, but otherwise we were  blown away by the scenery.

Clay Butte Fire Lookout

Our final day was a bit more subdued but nice.  We hung out around the campground area.  We investigated the Yellowstone river a bit, explored around the West Thumb area and Mud Volcano. DSC_8623WebLG

One Last Buffalo

Not the most picturesque but a lot of cool sounding gurgling.  Too bad we didn’t have video to share.

We left Wyoming, after spending two weeks, and headed towards Washington for a short stay with family and friends.  More smoke in the area, but a lot of great sunshine.  Headed home soon but look for more posts starting in April next year. More of beautiful America to see!


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