And We’re Off…

Not to Paris, but rather our grand four and a half month adventure around the United States.  This trip has been several years in the making and involved me taking two and a half months off work and a lot of planning! Anyone who wants to tag along, simply push the “follow” button in the bottom right hand corner and it will ask for your e-mail.  You will get a notice every time we post, which is usually once a week or so depending on what we are up to and how our well our internet connection is working.  Also, I want to welcome any of my students from Room #12 who are following.  While you are finishing up your state reports, I’m about to get a personal look into many of your chosen states.  Here we go…

Vegas Strip (6 of 6)Our first stop is Henderson, Nevada, where we get to check in on Matthew.  He is doing great and loving life in the desert.  Although quite busy, he took time out of his schedule to greet us with a homemade dinner on Saturday night (thanks to girlfriend, Sam as well!), golf with Mike on Sunday, and tour us around Fremont Street, Las Vegas. Fremont St. (3 of 9)Fremont St. (4 of 9) We had never been to this area of Vegas and it is quite impressive.  From its overhead light show, aerial zip lines, and outrageous street performers, it is an impressive place to visit.  They even have a Container Park which is a mall with every store made from a shipping container.MatthewFremont St. (8 of 9)Fremont St. (6 of 9)Fremont St. (7 of 9)Fremont St. (5 of 9)Fremont St. (9 of 9)

Next, Matthew went back to work and we went out to visit Hoover Dam.  Even though we had been here before, it never fails to impress.  Arriving just shortly after 10:00 AM, we were blown away by how many people there were.  I’m guessing Spring Break.  We joined a huge crowd and were shuffled through a Powerhouse Tour.  After, we drove up to the new bridge area.  Although you can still drive across the dam, there is a bypass which goes above the dam.  This bridge gives you amazing views of the river, the canyons, the dam, and the lake behind the dam.  Always worth a trip to the dam.Fremont St. (2 of 9)Fremont St. (1 of 9)

On our final day, we saved up our energy and took a late afternoon trip to the Strip in Las Vegas.  The picture at the top of the post is our favorite of the Eiffel Tower, but we took in as many attractions and sights as we could.  It is hard to beat the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas.  Here are some our our favorite sights of the evening. Vegas Strip (3 of 6)Vegas Strip (4 of 6)Vegas Strip (5 of 6)Vegas Strip (2 of 6) Next stop–Page, Arizona.


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  1. Love the pictures….have a great trip!

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  2. How exciting!! Love the photos!! Let the journey begin!!

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  3. Wonderful! Safe travels and may you find friends wherever you go.

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  4. Whoa… the pictures are absolutely beautiful! I hope you are having fun! Also, room 12 really misses you :(.


  5. Hi Mrs. Imhof!!! It’s Kathryn! The whole class misses you! Safe travels

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  6. Life in Room 12 is not the same without you…


  7. Yup
    things have changed but it’s going pretty well…
    walk through is going beautifully:D


  8. All of this is very beautiful. Mrs. Imhof, I wish you a belated godspeed.


  9. I just took a similar trip (of the area, not the entire country) and will be writing about it. hope you had as much fun as I did!

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