A quick post from Page, AZ.  This is a small town on the way to the Grand Canyon.  It came about when the United States constructed the Glen Canyon Dam in the 50’s. Glen Canyon Dam Before construction of the dam, there was no access across the Colorado River for 200 miles.  The town sprung up and the sights are amazing.  Besides the dam, there is Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon.  Antelope Canyon is on the Navajo Reservation and you must buy tickets well in advance to be able to enjoy it.  The photographer tours cost more but it affords you the opportunity to get 2 minutes of crowd free time to set up a tri-pod and try for the perfect shot along the way through the canyon.  Well worth it in the end and there were no fist fights as everyone jostles for space.  So that’s good news.Antelope Canyon3Antelope Canyon4Antelope Canyon2Antelope Canyon1Antelope Canyon5

Horseshoe Bend is just as crowed with hundreds of people trying to get close, but not too close, to the edge to take in the sights.  With the help of Mike’s wide angle lens, there was no need to hang over the edge for the perfect shot.  In both places there were people from literally all over the world enjoying the beauty of these places.  So glad we were able to take in these amazing sites.


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  1. Wow!! No words to describe the beauty!!!

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  2. It looks like swirling cloth of so many colors! I had no idea that something like this exists! absolutely marvelous shots, Mrs. Imhof ;P

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  3. wow especially the colors and patterns that make the place an awesome place to be

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  4. . . . Is anybody as speechless as me? Or jealous of Mrs. Imhof for getting to go on an adventure?


  5. Yup! Our WT presentation is coming along awesomely! Awesomish? Yup, it’s awesomy.

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