6 Days in Southern Texas

Well it’s true, everything in Texas is big!  First stop, San Antonio.  We spent 3 days here and enjoyed every minute of it.  After parking we headed to town which was only about 3 miles from where we were staying which was perfect.  We made it to the Alamo and learned about this important battle and historic place.  Right across the street we were able to get to the famous Riverwalk which was a lovely way to spend the evening.

San Antonio Riverwalk

The Riverwalk is a man-made waterway that is surrounded on both sides by hotels, restaurants, and bars.  It is a very colorful and exciting place to spend some time.  There are even tour boats to ride around.  We saw some people even having a dinner cruise on the “river”–

Next we toured some of the missions in the area.  There are five altogether including the Alamo.  We learned a lot about the missions of Texas–some things similar to California missions and some things different.

MSJ Front Door
Mission San Jose y San Miguel de Aguayo
MSJ Side
Mission San Jose y San Miguel de Aguayo in San Antonio

The Spanish, Mexican, Texan, Native American influences are strong in everything from the buildings to the food.  You really get a sense of the Texas independent thinking when you hear their history.  A very interesting place to visit.MSJ Alter

Finally, while in San Antonio, we were able to take in the beginning of their 10 day festival called Fiesta. This was so much fun!!

Eat More Chicken
Dancing Cows
USAF Band of the West
USAF Band of the West. San Antonio Fiesta

Everyone comes out with their craziest and most colorful hat creation.


They also trade pins.  All local charities have pins for sale and  people collect and trade pins.

Fiesta Hats 2
San Antonio Fiesta hats
Fiesta Hats 5
San Antonio Fiesta hat

Everyone is wearing all the pins they have collected over the years.  Of course there was live music and food.

On to Austin–the Live Music Capitol of the World.  What a cool city.

Austin Mural
Greeting From Austin Mural
Willie for President Mural

For the first time, we stayed in an RV park and we could walk to dinner.  There were several restaurants, bars, and even a huge city park–all within walking distance.  We toured the capital building (it’s huge) and we walked all over the University of Texas campus trying to get a picture of the hook em horns stadium sign (not possible).Texas CapitolTexas Stadium

Of course, we listened to live music every chance we could.  The first was in an outdoor patio bar called Guero’s complete with old trees for shade, picnic table to sit at, and a small dance floor with people doing the two-step.

3 Chord Rodeo
3 Chord Rodeo at Guero’s

The next was called The Continental Club. Its a famous music venue with locations throughout the country.  The original is here in Austin.   We went at night and the band was playing Blues–the place was jamming and super fun.

Continental Club
The Continental Club, Austin TX
Willie Pipkin
Willie Pipkin & Friends at the Continental Club

On our last night, we went back to downtown to get sunset shot of the city.

Austin Skyline
Austin Texas Skyline

The bridge in the shot is The Congress Street Bridge which is famous for the 1.3 million bats that live in its nooks and crannies.  They come out every evening at dusk to eat.  Did you know they can eat half their weight in insects everyday?  I watched for the bats with a lot of other people on the far side of the bridge and Mike stayed on the opposite side to get the city view.  Not bad for our time in Southern Texas–now we are moving north a bit-headed to the Arlington, Fort Worth, Dallas area for a few days.


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  1. Another episode to your awesome trip!! I look forward to seeing & reading all about your travels!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

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  2. Are you “deep in the heart of Texas”?? Great traveling with you!!

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  3. Wonderful fires you have been able to visit this stretch!!!’n

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  4. Salman will be thrilled when i tell him that you have been to his state!

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  5. Another memorable place!! LOVE THIS!

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  6. amazing place!! better tell Salman that you came here!!

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  7. Beautiful… and HOT 😩😓

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  8. Isabelle: I’m speaking for everybody in the class.
    Elizabeth: It’s a miracle that we got the attendance award.
    Amy: We got the attendance reward!!!!!
    Janice: I thought we would never get the attendance award, but then we got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Irene: Izzy, say YAY!
    Kathryn: It’s kind of impossible.
    Monesh: Mrs. Mukai put us in shape.
    Vaishnavi: We miss you, Mrs. Imhof.
    Cooper: I would like to say something. I would like to say hi. I hope you have had a nice journey so far.
    Salman: Umm . . . Have you been to the Alamo. And the Walk Through was amazing!
    Ming: Yeah!
    Erin: Hi. How are you doing?
    Vaishnavi: The Blue Rebels were first
    Salman: The White Tories got second, and the Red Coats got third.
    Elizabeth: Just send it, just send it, just send it . . . !! 😦
    JoJo: Hi.
    Aanya: We miss you. Mrs. Mukai is a great teacher, but we still miss you.
    Elizabeth: Please SEND IT!!!!
    Ming: JUST DO IT!!
    Elisa: Just saying, I did the most work.


    • OMG…you are all hilarious. I laughed out loud reading this post. Hopefully you did not send this during school OR you got permission first from Mrs Mukai?? And I am shocked, amazed, and proud of you all for getting the attendance award—I never thought that would happen!! Mrs Mukai has really worked her magic and gotten you all in shape. Just one more day in Texas then we move on to Louisiana and then Alabama. I’m sure you all did a great job on the ‘Walk Through’. I wish I could’ve seen it! Thanks to you all for making my day—I loved hearing from you. Mrs Imhof


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