Hometown Fun-Buckley Log Show and More

You know you are in your hometown of Buckley, Washington, when signs for the annual Log Show are everywhere. Log Show (8 of 17)I had not been to this event for over 30 years and I was really looking forward to the show.  It starts with a huge parade down Main Street.

Log Show (1 of 17)
Logging truck
Log Show (5 of 17)
Buckley Fire Department clowns

What an amazing tribute to an industry that has provided a livelihood for hundreds of families for generations.  The huge equipment all shiny and new, the local fire and police departments, and the hundreds of people that come out to watch.

Log Show (6 of 17)
Logging equipment
Log Show (2 of 17)
Buckley Fire Department antique fire engine
Log Show (4 of 17)
Heavy Equipment Hauler
Log Show (3 of 17)
Log Show Parade

The log show itself is a sight to see.  Really athletic and talented men and women showing us their skills.  It starts with two loggers climbing a pole to ring a bell at the top. Did I mention that the pole it 80 feet high?

Log Show19
Speed Climbing
Log Show (11 of 17)
Tree Topper

Wow!  They even had a 64 year old competitor–so impressive.  Other, not to miss events included unlimited hot saw (a really big chainsaw with car engine attached),

Log Show (7 of 17)
Unlimited Hot Saw

tree topping, ax throw, double bucking, standing block chop, and log rolling.

Log Show (14 of 17)
Double Buck Sawing
Log Show (12 of 17)
Standing Block Chop

And they are all competing for the title of best “All Around Logger”.  To add to all the fun, you have an announcer who is super funny and they even have a sign for all to read:  WARNING:  Log Show’s sense of humor may offend you.  We suggest you… GET OVER IT!  What a great sign to go with a great community event.  We loved every minute of it.

Log Show18
Unlimited Hot Sawing (They cut that log in less than a second)

Another big part of the reason we wanted to spend the summer in Washington was to spend time with family.  This means we get to watch our niece Daniela compete in barrel racing and attend an occasional golf lesson for Nick.

Daniella and Sugar running barrels

Mike was able to get a nice shot of Daniela rounding a barrel.   Other family events so far have included a high school graduation, a double cousin 50th birthday party and a walk to a bench in good ole South Prairie.

Birthday Girls
Dianna and Jennie turn 50 with big hats

My mom and her sisters grew up in a farmhouse across the street from the Buckley Foothills trail that sits atop a historic railroad bed and snakes through the river valley from Puyallup to Buckley.

They dedicated a bench in honor of my grandparents for all to enjoy.  It’s fun to be a part of all the activities.  Next up…Fourth of July and Frances Schwingfest.


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  1. I loved your view of the Buckley Loggers Rodeo! Hometown fun 😀


  2. Great story & photos!!


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