Wow…Walla Walla!

We departed Central Oregon and headed east to Walla Walla, Washington.  Time for a little wine, baseball, good company, and awesome food.  It had been about seven years since we were last here and were impressed with even more wineries and food options than before.  There are now over 160 wineries in just Walla Walla.

We were last here when Matthew was playing summer baseball for the Walla Walla Sweets after his freshman year of college.

Walla Walla Sweets
Ready to turn two
Walla Walla Sweets Pitcher
On the mound for the Sweets
Sweet Lou
Sweet Lou

The Dumonts, Matt’s host family from seven years ago, were definitely on our list of people to see.  Surprisingly, one of our first stops was to unexpectedly find Jim Dumont sipping a glass of wine in the downtown area. It sure was fun to catch up with them and all the changes seven years had brought.

Next on the agenda was to try and choose from the many restaurants and wineries to be able to visit in just a couple days.  There is an amazing array of restaurants to choose from and so our schedule on the first day was a late breakfast, stop by the Walla Walla Baking Company for a fresh loaf of sourdough bread, and then out and about to 3-4 wineries.

Tranche Pouring Room
Three Rivers Winery Tasting Room

We chose one in the afternoon, met up with Jim again, and unpacked our fruit, cheese, and bread to enjoy with the wine of our choice. Wine Tasting Necessities We followed this up with dinner in a gas station!  Yes, it is true:  it’s called Andrae’s Kitchen and it is worth a stop.  Of course, we ended the evening with a little baseball.  We watched the Sweets win and visited a bit more with Deb Dumont.

Mike, Kris and Deb
Mike, Kris and Deb

The next day brought more of the same.

Whitehouse Crawford
Whitehouse Crawford Restaurant
Seven Hills Wine barrels
Seven Hills Winery Barrel Room

We were both super impressed with all the great options for things to do in this fairly small (30,000 people) farming community in Eastern Washington.

Walla Walla Valley
West Walla Walla

We look forward to our next opportunity to return to Walla Walla, the town so nice, they named it twice 🙂


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  1. You have such a great writing style, Kris! I look forward to more of your adventures 😁

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  2. We sure enjoy reading all about your travels. Didn’t know Walla Walla had so many wineries. Looking forward to reading more about your travels. Thanks so much for sharing Kathy

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  3. Kris and Mike!!! What a delight to see you again and spend some fun and meaningful time together!!!!

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